Free, Non-judgemental, Quality Healthcare

We are a volunteer-driven organization committed to creating solutions for a healthy community of all ages by removing barriers to access; treating holistically with dignity, with respect, and without judgment; providing primary care service and health education; and providing support and referral services to those without access to primary health care.

Our mission is to provide free, non-judgmental, quality healthcare to those in need using a solid base of culturally diverse community resources.

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From a Dream to Reality

In March of 2004, a core group of interested Patrick County citizens met to discuss the need to provide medical care assistance to medically uninsured citizens of the county. After forming a steering committee, they went on to create a nonprofit organization, elect a Board of Directors, and file for corporation status in the state of Virginia as the Caring Hearts Free Clinic of Patrick County.

Over the Summer, the local hospital provided space in a clinic building at no charge as a site for the clinic’s operation. The United Methodist Church Danville District provided medical office furniture and equipment to the clinic. These gifts were previously given by Dr. Castillo to establish a free clinic upon his retirement. Fundraising started in September with a community fund dinner as well as receiving contributions from the community.

In November, the clinic began opening its doors for limited operations. By December, volunteer personnel was providing services covering medical care, nursing care, counseling, optometry, pain management, and mammography screening.

Since hiring its very first part-time Executive Director in 2006, the Caring Hearts Free Clinic has expanded its services to include dental health and more as well as expanded its hours and volunteer medical staff.

The citizens of Patrick County put their caring hearts to work after seeing a need in their community. From dream to reality, the Caring Hearts Free Clinic was created and began operations within one year. The Clinic continues to this day with the help of the generous support of the local community. See [how you can help] the Caring Hearts Free Clinic of Patrick County today!

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